San Juan Skyway


The most effortless way to enjoy the San Juan Skyway is to sign up for one of our fabulous packages. Each package highlights specific classic ‘hotels’ or ‘resorts’ and provides access to individual areas of the ‘Skyway’. The shorter packages will highlight a smaller number of regions and the longer ones will of course include more. Choose the package that suits you best and we will organize the dates that work most efficiently for you and allow you the opportunity to pick, if you desire, from some of the great activities and tours in the individual areas that bring the region ‘alive’.
We offer two types of Packages

 All inclusive.  These packages  include pickup from either the Montrose Airport near Ridgway or the La Plata Airport near Durango, your stay at each of the hotels, Tour/Transportation between hotels and regions, a $50 discount at each hotel’s restaurant or bar, areas where you will stop to enjoy spectacular views for a picnic, and return to the airport on the date you desire to return home.

 Self-Drive Packages.  These allow you to drive to the ‘Skyway’ in your own vehicle or rent one to use when you get here.  You can choose the towns or regions you would like to visit in any order and the packages will include the cost of lodging and a $50 discount at the hotel’s restaurants or bar when you arrive.

All packages and pricing are based upon two people in your party.   If you have more people in your party the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.  If you require special accommodations, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 

Here is the basic pricing, and itinerary, for each of our core packages.

Depending upon the dates you choose the price of a package may vary due to seasonal, inter-week or holiday adjustments of hotel rates.

‘See it All’ Packages

10 days

The following 10 day San Juan Skyway packages are based upon (two) persons sharing a room together in each Inn or hotel.

From $2,900.00

‘Highlights of the Skyway’ Packages

8 days

The following 8 day San Juan Skyway packages are based upon (two) persons sharing a room together in each Inn or hotel.

From $2,500.00

‘Taste of the Skyway’ Packages

6 days

The following 6 day San Juan Skyway packages are based upon (two) persons sharing a room together in each Inn or hotel.

From $1,850.00

‘Short but Sweet’ Packages

4 days

The following 4 day San Juan Skyway packages are based upon (two) persons sharing a room together in each Inn or hotel.

From $1,125.00

‘Design Your Own’ Package

Your Package Price will depend on how many people are in your party and which Inns you would like to visit, how long you would like to stay and if you would like to do a ‘self drive’, choose to be chauffeured and picked up at the airport and whether you would like to participate in the adventures like the train or the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings. .

From $????

Additional Outings Included

Our packages come with various choices of outings you will be able to choose from in the tour/transfers from one of our Inns to another.  You will be able to note these as they are described on the various itineraries with the verbiage stating that “a picnic stopover and tour of one of a number of location options will be available to you along the way.  You will discuss seasonal options with your guide at pick-up time.” 

Pa Co Chu Puk Trout Fishing

Our itineraries are set up this way because there are simply so many great things to experience along the Skyway and we want you to be able to experience as many of them as you can.  Each departure point is unique and in the distance between departure and arrival locations there is much to see. 

Idarado Mine

 Some of these great places are seasonal in nature and only can be seen at certain times and many of them may be limited due to climatic conditions that may be occuring at that moment in time.  It is for this reason that as you begin many of the tours/transfers between one Inn and another, your driver will ‘offer up’ a series of choices that might be appropriate for that particular day and you could make your choices as to which option you may want to enjoy.  Keep in mind that a picnic lunch will be available to you as well along the way.

Ouray Ice Park

Some of your many options might include, a ride to the Box Canyon in Ouray for a scenic outing and to watch ice climbers in the winter months, a ride to find wildflowers in the Spring/Summer months, a trip to Pa-Co-Chu-Puk to watch the fishermen at one of the most famous trout fishing rivers in all of Colorado, a trip to one of the areas famous mining towns, a drive up into the Cimarron Mountains, a drive up the beautiful Lost Dollar Road where much of the movie ‘True Grit’ was made, and so many more.  Rest assured that you will find adventure and beauty in whatever choice you make and our drivers will provide you with the best options available to you on that day of travel.  Choose the areas you want to see most and enjoy the experience. 

Little lake Owl Pass Ridgway Colorado